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Deer Road Get-Away
State: Minnesota
County: Fillmore
Acreage: 93
Price: $585,000

LA Morehouse 476 Acres
State: Louisiana
County: Morehouse
Acreage: 476
Price: $749,700

KS Elk 611 Acres
State: Kansas
County: Elk
Acreage: 611
Price: $1,900,000

Vaught Farm & Hunting
State: Arkansas
County: Cross
Acreage: 290
Price: $1,000,000

Pluck-A-Duck Lodge & Hunting
State: Arkansas
County: Cross
Acreage: 78
Price: $1,200,000

Spring Valley Ranch and Hunting
State: Arkansas
County: Randolph
Acreage: 435
Price: $543,750

Mid Thumb Acres
State: Michigan
County: Sanilac
Acreage: 40
Price: $190,000

LA St. Tammany 420 Acres
State: Louisiana
County: Saint
Acreage: 420
Price: $1,470,000

Bay Village Farm & Hunting
State: Arkansas
County: Poinsett
Acreage: 679
Price: $2,376,500

Whitetail Ridge Premier Hunting Property
State: Minnesota
County: Houston
Acreage: 781
Price: $2,200,000

Seclusion At It's Best
State: Minnesota
County: Fillmore
Acreage: 58
Price: $319,000

LA Richland 538.5 Acres
State: Louisiana
County: Richland
Acreage: 538
Price: $1,238,550

LA Concordia 606 Acres
State: Louisiana
County: Concordia
Acreage: 606
Price: $1,212,000

LA Tensas 1600 Acres
State: Louisiana
County: Tensas
Acreage: 1600
Price: $4,500,000